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Daily Drink Specials


Monday: Happy Hour 5-7 ($2 16oz Cans)

                  $4 22oz Draws

Tuesday: Happy Hour 5-7 ($2 16oz Cans)

                 $4 22oz Draws

Wednesday: Happy Hour 5-7 (2 16oz cans)

                      $3.50 Double Wells

                          $4 22oz Draws                         

Thursday: Happy Hour 5-7 (2 16oz cans) 

                    $6 Double Premium

                    $3.5 Double wells)

                    $4 22oz draws


Friday: $3.00 22oz Gutch and Ultra Draws

                 ($3.5 Double wells)

Saturday: $3.5 22oz Ultra Draws


Sunday: $4 Bloody Mary's

                $4 22oz Draws


Beer of the Month



by Defiance Brewing


Come enjoy our drink specials with entertainment happening all around you!

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